Friday, 23 October 2015

Just a little lazy... (What's going on with me)

Firstly, it's been way too long since I've written on this blog! In between revising for assessments, and rehearsing Shakespeare (more on that later!), I haven't had time to do the one thing that I love - which is, and has always been, writing. Please believe me when I say that it's constantly been on my mind, and it's not that I have a lack of things to write about either: I hennaed my hair in the Summer (full review hopefully up soon), celebrated my [15th] birthday and saw some amazing movies. I just haven't found the motivation, or the time, to detail it all on here.
Overall, I've just been feeling a little lazy.

It's a bit self-obsessed to write about myself like this with the hope that someone reading might take interest in my life, which at the moment is something that even I've been failing to do, but just humour me for one post, ok?

Apparently in the past month, through a delirious deprivation of sleep, I've acquired a divine wisdom which has enlightened me to a fact of life - it's just a lot easier not to care. For instance just the other day my eczema made a glorious return in the form of blossoming vermilion blemishes on my face and hands, which instead of combating it with ointments and all that jazz, I decided to wear long sleeved jumpers and let my wavy unkempt mane fall in my face. I know that my current attitude won't ameliorate anything, but it's a lot easier to pretend that it's not there than to acknowledge its ever-looming presence.

Sometimes I feel like my life is just a messy plot, with short bursts of inspiration dotted through my timeline at irregular and distant intervals. It's both eye-opening and frustrating, because I'm a sub-character in my own story as opposed to the protagonist, and it's entirely my doing.

I’m now on half term break (thank GOD), of which I spent the first five days in Yorkshire sampling numerous pub lunches, enjoying the abundant green stuff (to use the technical term) that makes up most of northern England's landscape and scouring the adorable little boutiques and tea rooms that are scattered like confetti in Yorkshire's various villages. Now I’m back home, exhausted from the holiday and after watching a constant stream of Doddleoddle videos on YouTube, feeling inspired to create. This mixture of feelings could mean one of two things; that my health is now deteriorating and I’m going utterly mad, or that I’m on the edge of something great - maybe a little bit of both, and that wouldn't be so bad.