Monday, 31 August 2015

Back To School Anxiety

It's been a long warm Summer, of good music (Hailee Steinfield's new single anyone?), great memories ( when I met Beckie0 at LUSH Oxford St.), and just chilling in general. But recently my reminiscing of the dog days has been cut to the halt by the ever-present threat of school, looming like a large grey rain cloud and spoiling  the few days that I have left to myself before I have to worry about GCSE's, mean girls (not the cult-classic chick flick, I live the real thing!), and having to apply myself to something other than eating or writing this blog; the very thought of which is terrifying.

This year is different from the last three years of state school secondary education; this year is GCSE coursework, meaning that I actually have to achieve something if I want to even come close to not-failing my GCSE's entirely.

So as always when faced with a predicament, I enlisted the help of my most trusted friend, the internet, in search for a way to calm my nerves about the upcoming school year, so that I can get back to binge watching New Girl and refreshing my Instagram feed.
A quick search on YouTube returned a video titled "Back To School Anxiety & Advice With Theodora Lee!" by the gorgeous Irish beauty guru and YouTube personality, Melanie Murphy.
Having been a long-term subscriber of Melanie's I was overjoyed that I had discovered the video and a little bit disappointed that I hadn't found it sooner.

In the video, Melanie, accompanied by Theodora Lee (aka Caspar Lee's sister) outline the problems that they faced going back to school, whether that be appearance, friends, grades etc. in a completely relateable way that didn't leave me feeling worse than where I started.

So for this reason I'd like to say a huge thank you to Melanie Murphy for her totally fabulous advice and I recommend that if you're feeling at all like I've described, to watch the video below!

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